You CAN Change FAQs

•    What is the "You CAN Change" audio program and how does it work?
•    What is the Sub-Conscious Mind?
•    How does the “You CAN Change” program work?
•    What is Hypnosis?
•   What Types of Changes Can I Make Using Hypnosis?
•    How will I know if the “You CAN Change” audio program is working for me?
•    When is the best time to use the recordings, during the day or at night?
•    How long should I listen to this program so it will be effective?
•    Can everyone be hypnotized?
•    What if I'm too intelligent for the audio program to be able to “put me under?”
•    Is it possible for me to get into such a deep hypnotic trance that I can't wake up?
•    Will I remember everything that happens during my hypnosis session?
•    What if I fall asleep while listening?
•    Is it better to use headphones when listening to a Hypnosis audio program?
•    Will I feel any physical changes to my body as a result of listening to the “You CAN Change” program?
•    Will my mental well-being and attitude change?
•    How long will it take to see changes in my life?
•    Can I help make the “You CAN Change” program work better for me?
•    What is the placebo effect?
•    Do I need my doctor’s permission to use the “You CAN Change” audio program?
•    Are there any negative side effects to the “You CAN Change” Audio Program?
•    What should I do if I don’t feel well after listening to it?
•    Is there anyone who shouldn’t use the “You CAN Change” audio program?
•    Do you offer “You CAN Change” in other languages?
•    Do you stand behind your product?
•    Can I share “You CAN Change” with my family and friends?
•    Do you make custom hypnosis audio program recording?
•    How do I download a recording from your web site to my computer, ipod, ipad, iphone or other device?


•    What is the "You CAN Change" audio program and how does it work?
The You CAN Change audio program is a five-track audio program that has multi-layered voices, music and surf sounds to help the listener establish hypnosis within themselves and relax to the point that they will naturally go into somnambulism where they can be given direct suggestions to help them change their life naturally.

This audio program takes the listener to the deeper realms of relaxation to access to the Sub-Conscious Mind and offers direct and subliminal suggestions to help the listener eliminate all resistance to change within their mind. This allows the listener to make changes in their life by simply changing their mind. Those changes were not available to them before because their conscious mind stopped them due to the critical factor of that part of their mind not allowing changes to occur.

Once resistance to change is lessened and then eliminated, the listener will find it easy to make changes in their life – without having to use Will Power, which is very short-lived. The best place to make real changes in your life is to make changes in your Sub-Conscious Mind, where the changes will become permanent and powerful.

This audio program evolved out of Hypno-Scan and other Hypnosis Audio Programs developed by Ted Robinson over the last five years after working with Ines Simpson teaching together. During that time together, Ted taught Emotional Freedom Technique, known as EFT or tapping, to eliminate Resistance to Change for those hypnotist students who had any reservations about going deeply into hypnosis. One of those students had not been able to be hypnotized for over 32 years and he finally ended his “dry spell” by using EFT to tap his fear away. Since that time, Ted has evolved that process to include this audio program for eliminating Resistance to Change and infusing new positive ideas about allowing change in the lister’s mind. He also continues to offer videos using EFT to help eliminate Resistance to Change which work well with this audio program.
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•    What is the Sub-Conscious Mind?
The Sub-Conscious Mind is that part of your mind that contains all your habits, programs and a perfect memory of your entire lifetime and beyond. Some experts believe the Sub-Conscious is the smarter part of the Mind yet it is innocent like a young child, so that everything told to it is accepted as the truth. This is why the Conscious Mind acts like a Guardian at the Gates of the City. This is the reason the audio program induces hypnosis – to bypass that Guardian and talk directly to the Sub-Conscious Mind and give it a new “truth” to live by and function differently. We know from experience it accepts positive suggestions easily and effectively – once the innate Resistance to Change is eliminated. Once that happens, you will easily and naturally start making changes in your life. . . and get a good night’s sleep at the same time.
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•    How does the “You CAN Change” program work?
This audio program first familiarizes you with Hypnosis in the introductory talk and then guides you to the deeper levels of hypnosis so you can access your Sub-Conscious Mind. We then ask it to first eliminate all Resistance to Change and then we offer it positive suggestions for positive change in your life.

At the end of listening to it, you will discover that this program is the key to all future change in your life and as you continue to listen to it over time, you’ll notice changes happening throughout your life naturally and effortlessly. It is a very powerful program because it releases you from the bonds of resistance you put there in the first place and gives you your freedom of choice back so you can do as you like.
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•    What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an altered state of mind in which a part of your mind “steps aside” to allow the audio program or the hypnotist to speak to and work directly with your Sub-Conscious mind and eliminate all that holds you back and then it facilitates positive changes within you.
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•    What Types of Changes Can I Make Using Hypnosis?
You can change the way you think and react to others and how you feel about yourself. You can also improve your physical health and emotional well-being and direct your immune system to work more efficiently. Hypnosis can help you improve your confidence level, lose weight, or stop smoking as well as a lot of other things. One of the most important aspects of this program is you can improve your own ability to make changes in your life naturally and easily. This is what the “You CAN Change” program does for listeners.
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•    How will I know if the “You CAN Change” audio program is working for me?
First you will find yourself no longer holding on to old habits and inner programs as much. You may find yourself spontaneously making changes in your eating habits or the way in which you clean your house or the route you drive to work. Any number of things may change naturally and you may not even notice them until one day you find yourself saying “Hey, I haven’t been doing THAT anymore! I wonder what happened? Could it be that audio I listened to?” Then you’ll look a little deeper and realize you’ve made a number of changes that you never thought about or set out to do – they just seemed to happen.

Perhaps you’ll find yourself washing your windows for the first time in years or ordering something new at a restaurant or you may find you are dressing differently or getting a different cut to your hair. It can be almost anything. Then, one day, you may find yourself saying to yourself “I wonder if it will work on ________?” And you set out to try it and it works! The next thing you know, you’re trying it on just about everything in your life you wanted to do things in, but never quite got around to in the past.

Perhaps the best way to decide whether the “You CAN Change” program is working for you is to see what’s changed in your life since you started listening. You may find you are surprised at how much you have done or changed things – without any conscious effort. It is amazing when you finally notice what’s happened in your life – right under you nose and you never noticed before.

If changes do materialize then you know it has worked. If not, then look for other things in your life, like food choices, notice whether you have changed any other habits and you may be surprised at how much has changed, but you never thought anything of it in the past.
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•    When is the best time to use the audio program, during the day or at night?
It depends on when you want to set aside enough time to listen. Many people like to listen to it whenever they want to get a good night’s sleep. Whatever time is best for you is the time to listen, but if you choose to listen at night, find a bed to get into because you will likely fall asleep and only wake up to take your headphones off. If you choose to listen during the day, then that is your best time. If you listen at night, you will usually awaken on time in the morning, feeling refreshed, renewed and more energetic than usual. As you get used to listening at night, you’ll notice you can fall asleep and when the program ends, you’ll awaken just enough to take your headphones off and go right back to sleep (We recommend you not open your eyes and that will help you get right back to sleep) Basically, you may listen at whatever time works best for you.
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•    How long should I listen to this program so it will be effective?
It can be effective immediately, however, we believe the more you listen, the better it works. That’s because everyone varies in how open they are to changing and what works well for one person, may take some time for it to work for another. We find it best to listen to the audio program for at least 30 days (or nights) (although it usually takes 21 days to change a habit but that varies, too) in succession, and then listen to it as often as you feel comfortable listening. The best thing to do is continue to listen whenever you’re having a hard time making changes in your life. The more you listen to it, the more effectively the audio program works in our experience.
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•    Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes! Everyone enters and leaves hypnosis on a fairly regular basis throughout the day. You are usually in a light hypnotic state whenever you are watching TV and are engrossed in what you are watching, or when you are reading a good book, playing video games, and even while driving. It's like that “half sleep” state you are in when you are just waking up or are about to go to sleep. You are not fully conscious, but you’re not entirely sleeping either. You’re in a half state between the two and you're actually often up to 200 times more suggestible than when you are fully awake.

Some people may think, "I can't be hypnotized," and they could be right because hypnosis is a consent state of mind. That means you must want to and consent to being hypnotized in order to be hypnotized. However, most people can be easily hypnotized - if they want to and they trust the Hypnotist and follow the directions given to them.

Many movies have misled the public for dramatic purposes about what hypnosis is and isn’t. First, there is nothing to worry about and nobody can control your mind. You are always in control of your mind since all hypnosis is a self-induced state of mind. More than that, your conscious mind is never lost or gone. It just steps aside for a while, as you are guided into an altered state of mind which we call hypnosis, so the hypnotist can speak directly to your subconscious mind. You may find your conscious mind commenting on things while you’re in hypnosis, but it will generally not interfere with that deeper state or whatever is happening – unless something untoward is done – like being asked to do something that is against your moral or ethical belief system - then it will step in and bring you out of hypnosis quickly and easily.

When you are in hypnosis, you can have a very effective session and still be aware of everything that is going on and be able to recall everything said during the session – or not – depending upon the suggestions give to you and accepted while in hypnosis.
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•    What if I'm too intelligent for the audio program to be able to “put me under?”
Actually, you are never “put under” anything or anyone else’s control. You simply relax and enter hypnosis (remember, it’s a natural state of mind that occurs daily). Interestingly, the more intelligent you are, the easier it often is for you to be hypnotized - when you want to be hypnotized. Many times, more intelligent people are in a natural hypnotic state already and recognize that it feels relaxing and enjoyable, so they are eager to enter that state of mind again.
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•    Is it possible for me to get into such a deep hypnotic trance that I can't wake up?
No, that cannot happen. First, you’re not “asleep” so there is nothing to “wake up” from. In fact, it has been discovered that nobody “gets stuck” in hypnosis, but they sometimes choose to remain in hypnosis longer than the hypnotist wants - because they’re enjoying it so much. In reality, you can always be emerged from hypnosis. If you steadfastly choose to remain in hypnosis, all that would happen is you’d naturally fall asleep and awaken in your own time. Plus, there are other ways of making sure you will quickly and easily emerge from the deeper states when it is time to emerge. This is not a concern when listening to this type of audio program because you will awaken in the morning naturally if you listen at night.
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•    Will I remember everything that happens during my hypnosis session?
Yes, most of the time. Most people remember everything that is said, but some people are natural "somnambulists" (meaning they like to be in a deep hypnotic state and go into it easily) who go in so deeply that they don’t consciously remember what happens during hypnosis unless the hypnotist tells them that they will. They often think they simply fell asleep. In fact, it is a good thing when you just “drift away” and/or “disappear” into the words you’re listening to and relax fully. Most people will achieve a moderate to deep state of hypnosis in which they know what is being said while they are completely relaxed and focused on the words.
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•    What if I fall asleep while listening?
This audio program is intended to work that way so you can fall asleep after you have been in hypnosis for a while and the messages are completed. Researchers have discovered that your hearing is always active and listening – even during surgery and sleep. Even as you close your eyes, your ears will still hear everything and your mind will remain in a heightened state of alertness as you listen intently while you are hypnotized. When you fall asleep, your mind is still hearing and a part of your mind is recording everything it hears and it is processing and internalizing it the whole time.
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•    Is it better to use headphones when listening to a Hypnosis audio program?
Yes, we recommend you use noise-cancelling headphones for best results, but it is not necessary to get good results, especially if you listen as you go to sleep. Regular headphones and ear buds work nicely and are just as effective. We do not recommend using electronic gear (like a computer laptop) near your bed as you sleep due to electronic fields, but that decision is always left up to the end user.
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•    Will I feel any physical changes to my body as a result of listening to the “You CAN Change” program?
You may or you may not. Our experience seem to indicate a greater level of energy being experienced after listening for a few weeks’ time. This program is primarily intended to help people make changes to their habits and inner programming, like how they do things or what they like. If you want to make physical changes or correct physical conditions, then perhaps that may happen, but that is up to the listener because that’s what you need to change. (We recommend that you use one of our other recordings, like Hypno-Scan to help physically heal your body.)

Ultimately, it’s up to each listener how well they accept the suggestions and how well each person’s Sub-Conscious Mind changes its inner programming. You will likely find you’re more relaxed, less stressed or less anxious about life in general or about anything in particular. You may also find some of your physical issues may subside, like headaches or other things may become less disturbing or painful (we have received some of those comments from listeners). Perhaps you’ll find more things changing in your life than you expected.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any of those things will happen, but this will give you an idea of the possibilities. Any number of things may overtly change - or you may not notice anything in particular changing at all for some time, but be assured that when you continue to listen, things will start to change in your life.

The absence of being “stuck” in your life is primarily what you will want to watch for after listening to “You CAN Change” for a while.
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•    Will my mental well-being and attitude change?
Some people may feel a difference right away. For others, it may take a little longer. Changes often first show up by you getting a better night’s sleep or you may feel more relaxed as you’re listening – as well as afterward. The initial relaxation you experience as you listen is not sleep, it is deep relaxation as your mind is focused on the message of letting go of resistance to change. That leads you to even deeper relaxation and the quieting of your thoughts, which then allows you to receive positive suggestions that will first help you release your resistance to change and then support changes in your life.

After listening to the entire program, you are gently led into the transition of change. If you find that doesn’t happen to you the first few times you listen - keep listening until it does. (That was our experience when we first started listening.) You may also notice that it feels like you’ve fallen asleep or “disappeared” into the words while listening. Be assured, you’re not sleeping – you may be drifting into and out of hypnosis.

You may actually become a better hypnotic subject in general as you listen to this program over a period of time. The more you listen and allow the system to work for you, the better it will work for you. Eventually, you’ll notice you start to get a great night’s sleep every time you listen. Then you will likely start to notice you are not only well rested, but you awaken in the morning feeling refreshed, energized and looking forward to greeting the day looking forward to what you can get accomplished that day. That is a great attitude to exude and feel throughout the day as things change in your life on all levels.
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•    How long will it take to see changes in my life?
Again, it is as individual as each person. It is unknown how long it will take for you for it to be effective. Every listener is an individual and the audio program is oriented to each person individually. It is up to you how well you surrender to the process and how well your Sub-Conscious Mind accepts the new suggestions to release your resistance to change and embrace new changes in your life. Our experience is that after about three weeks to a month, we started noticing changes occurring naturally in our life – effortlessly and naturally.
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•    Can I help make the “You CAN Change” program work better for me?
It is best if you don’t try to help in any way. Just lie back and listen to the program regularly and allow “You CAN Change” and your Sub-Conscious Mind to do what needs to be done for you - without any conscious assistance from you. In other words, surrender to the process and know “You CAN Change” will work for you and it WILL work for you. Remember, if you are just going to “give it a try” or “see how good it works,” then it most likely won’t work for you.

Part of the process of this program is attributed to the placebo effect, which holds that if you unequivocally believe something will work for you (to the point that you know it will work) - then it will work for you. So don’t just give it a try, give it a shot, or even try to make it work. Instead, allow yourself to surrender completely to the words and suggestions in the program and go along with it by relaxing and listening without thinking or trying. Then it will work for you and help you naturally start bringing about change in your life.
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•    What is the placebo effect?
The placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon that occurs when something (such as a substituted sugar pill) is given in place of an actual drug to relieve a symptom and it works – as if it was the drug - despite the fact that the capsule has no drugs in it. That means that when the patient/client believes strongly enough that the placebo (without knowing it is not the actual drug) is going to work for them, their body will respond as they expect it to respond (as if they had been given the drug they expected). This happens because their mind believes they’ve been given the actual drug and it affects the body in such a way that it responds as if it had been given the drug.

Many scientific experiments have verified that the mind is what determines how responsive you are to the so-called placebo. We believe that all changes occurs because the mind believes that what you’ve been told while in hypnosis will effect changes in your life.
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•    Do I need my doctor’s permission to use the “You CAN Change” audio program?
That depends upon you and your doctor and the laws of your state, Province or country. If you feel it is best to consult with your physician before buying and listening to “You CAN Change”, then by all means, do so. If you feel you want to listen to “You CAN Change” to augment other treatments you are receiving, then do so, but we suggest you ask your physician or psychologist what they think, as well.

The process is listening to the audio program and becoming very relaxed in order to allow access to your Sub-Conscious Mind so we can offer suggestions for it to eliminate your Resistance to Change and then direct you to make positive changes in your life. Change often happens quicker and are permanent when you enter somnambulism, which is a deep state of hypnosis, so this audio program takes you to that level (known as the Peace level in this recordings) and should help you naturally make changes in your life quicker. However, you should not use “You CAN Change” instead of medical or psychological treatments or prescriptive medications without consulting with your medical and psychological professional first.
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•    Are there any negative side effects to the “You CAN Change” Audio Program?
No, there are no known negative side effects to date. However, you may notice you’re feeling physically fine and mentally alert more often and getting a full night’s sleep whenever you listen at night and you may notice you’re getting more done and having more fun in your life than usual. You may feel more joyful, peaceful and present and more energized. When you start getting consistent changes in your life and things are going along smoothly and you’re able to make the changes in your life you’ve always wanted to make, but never quite got started, those could be viewed by some as negatives, but nobody has complained about them so far. It is almost impossible to tell whether any psychological or physical conditions have improved directly due to the “You CAN Change” audio program because there are generally no obvious symptoms to begin with before you started listening to it, so it’s hard to determine if anything has changed. But you may find you feel better, look better and make more changes in your life and that would be a good thing in our opinion.
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•    What should I do if I don’t feel well while listening to it or afterward?
Stop listening immediately. Then see a medical or psychological professional if you continue to feel poorly. Remember, you are always responsible for your own health and safety. If you do not feel well during or after listening to “You CAN Change”, immediately stop listening and contact your health care and/or psychological professional for further advice and treatment, if necessary. We have never had a complaint of any nature that resulted from listening, but one never knows what can happen if someone has been sleep deprived for long periods before first listening or they have other psychological problems.
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•    Is there anyone who shouldn’t use the “You CAN Change” audio program?
Those who suffer from schizophrenia, bi-polar, borderline personality disorders or other serious mental illness should not listen to this audio program without first obtaining a medical/psychological review of You CAN Change and get approval from your medical professional. Also, if you find yourself emotionally uncomfortable when you start listening, you should stop listening to the program until you can confer with your psychological professional and get their clearance first. If anyone has any negative reaction to listening to these audio programs, then they should stop listening to it immediately. If you feel you are mentally or emotionally unstable in any way, immediately see a medical and/or psychological professional until your condition improves.
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•    Do you offer “You CAN Change” in other languages?
Not yet, but we are working on expanding the list of languages we offer. Check back with us from time to time to check for new releases.
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•    Do you stand behind your product?
Of course. If you find that you are unhappy with the “You CAN Change” audio program for any reason within the first 90 days, contact us and return it for a full refund of the purchase price. You are only responsible for the cost of return shipping if you purchased it as a CD.
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•    Can I share “You CAN Change” with my family and friends?
Yes, but we respectfully remind you that we sold your recording at what we consider a very reasonable price considering the vast amount of time that went into developing, writing and recording the script and all the additional layers of sound. We then spent time testing it to make sure it had no defects or obvious problems with it, so we respectfully suggest that you buy each person their very own copy from our web site rather than copying it. That way you respect the work and inspiration that went into this program.
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•    Do you make custom hypnosis audio program recording?
Yes. A custom hypnosis recording would be your most powerful choice because it is made specifically for you and your particular problem or issue.

The present cost is $2,500.00, payable in advance, since there is a lot of work involved in obtaining all the necessary information from you, putting together an appropriate script for you and then individually recording it for you. Remember, there will only be one such program ever sold - and that will be to you. If you have previously ordered a custom hypnosis audio program with us, a discount will apply in the amount of 20%.

Custom recordings have many advantages:
      1. It is specifically for you (your name, your personal information, your issues and challenges).
      2. You get to play them whenever you need them or want to listen to them.
      3. It takes a lot less time and is more convenient for you than traveling to our office.
      4. Your custom recording will be approximately one hour long.

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•    How do I download a recording from your web site to my computer, ipod, ipad, iphone or other device?
First purchase the product from our website by clicking the Add to Cart button found below the description of the product. A new window will open in your browser with your Payloadz shopping cart which will include the product that you are purchasing. You can add additional products by going back to our website. When you are ready to checkout, click the Proceed to Checkout button on the Payloadz shopping cart page and you will be billed via PayPal (paypal accounts and credit cards are accepted). You will then receive instant download instructions from our service provider via email. Download the products you purchased to your computer. Please remember to make a note of the folder to which you downloaded the file so you can find it later on your computer. Use iTunes to transfer your product to your iphone, ipad or ipod. For other devices, please follow your device’s specific instructions for transferring content.
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Don’t remain stuck in your life anymore - use “You CAN Change” now to reduce your resistance to change and get a full night’s sleep at the same time while you receive positive suggestions for change.


You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change $49.95 Download or CD
$49.95 Download or CD

To purchase a digital download only, click the Add to Cart button below. You will be billed via PayPal (PayPal accounts and credit cards accepted) and will receive instant download instructions from our service provider

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD BONUS - Purchase the digital download and receive a bonus audio file - You CAN Change audio without Introduction, for those who want to go straight into the program (to help you save time while listening). 

To purchase a CD, please order directly from our manufacturer, by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that the content in the “You CAN Change” audio program can help you overcome your procrastination and motivate you to overcome your resistance to change, we believe this will help you make new changes in your life. At the same time, we believe the suggestions offered in the audio will help motivate you to follow through with your goals and attain them. Results will vary among listeners based upon many variables, including, but not limited to, each person’s consistency in listening; the number of times they listen; the existing reservations and limitations in each person and the strength of each person’s prior programming against change; their personal resistance to going sufficiently into hypnosis so that the offered suggestions are embraced at the deepest levels of mind by each listener.

There is presently only anecdotal and testamentary evidence of this audio program’s efficacy. There are no scientific studies completed on it yet. We recommend you use the “You CAN Change” audio program to help you first eliminate resistance to change and then make changes in your life to achieve your goals in life and whatever else you want to do. We recommend you always seek medical or psychological approval before listening. Also always seek medical or psychological assistance in the event you experience any difficulty of any nature as a result of listening to this audio program. Do not stop using any prescriptive medications for any condition without the express approval of your physician or psychiatrist.