You CAN Change

You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change

You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change
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All of your personal power begins in your mind. The old adage “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve” not only applies here, but it applies to everything in life.  Whatever you can conceive of to do in your life, you are the one who attracts it to you in your life.  So why do you find the “wrong” things appearing in your life when you’re working so hard to visualize more positive things to occur? That happens because there are other levels of your mind that have been previously programmed – in a negative way – a way that is inconsistent with your conscious goals.  That part of your mind may believe you are not good enough to succeed in business or in the arts, so no matter how hard you try and apply yourself, it just never seems to happen. When you eliminate that inner resistance to change, then you become free to attract positive things into your life – and succeed!

This audio program is intended to help you clear out all that old programming and clear the decks – so you can make new plans and successfully carry them out. Of course, there is no guarantee this will work at the same level of effectiveness for everyone, but if you listen consistently over a long enough period of time, your ego will finally succumb and allow you to make and achieve your new life plans.

Remember, to achieve all this, you don’t have to do anything - except listen . . . and relax.

This unique multi-voiced audio can act as the key to making future changes in your life. Once you listen to this for awhile, you’ll notice that you naturally start making changes in your life and it will be easier since it doesn’t take will power to start making changes. This audio program progressively leads you in a hypnotic trance and down to the “Peace” level of mind, which is somnambulism, in order to access your powerful Subconscious Mind. It then helps you reprogram your Subconscious Mind to overcome your built-in resistance to change – which naturally holds you into previous habits and programs you have established in your life – whether those habits work for you any longer or not. That holds you back from making the new changes you want to make in your life.

Once you are in hypnosis, you will receive powerful suggestions that will address your ego so it will stop holding you back from change. That will free you up so you can start to implement the changes you want in your life - naturally and powerfully.

Then you will be given additional positive suggestions to help you direct those positive changes in your life to happen which you wanted to make for so long. Those suggestions will help you initiate and follow-through with your plans and actually achieve your goals better than you ever expected.

Many of the initial changes you may notice may be common place things and you may not notice them as very significant at first, but they are just the beginning of making more effective changes in your life that will continue to grow as you continue to listen over time.

It is ultimately up to each listener what they want to change in their life. The difference this audio makes is it opens up your vistas so you can do as you please rather than what you’ve been pre-programmed to do since childhood. This allows you to become the successful adult you’ve always known you could be when something within you always seemed to hold you back in the past.

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You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change $49.95 Download or CD
$49.95 Download or CD

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DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that the content in the “You CAN Change” audio program can help you overcome your procrastination and motivate you to overcome your resistance to change, we believe this will help you make new changes in your life. At the same time, we believe the suggestions offered in the audio will help motivate you to follow through with your goals and attain them. Results will vary among listeners based upon many variables, including, but not limited to, each person’s consistency in listening; the number of times they listen; the existing reservations and limitations in each person and the strength of each person’s prior programming against change; their personal resistance to going sufficiently into hypnosis so that the offered suggestions are embraced at the deepest levels of mind by each listener.

There is presently only anecdotal and testamentary evidence of this audio program’s efficacy. There are no scientific studies completed on it yet. We recommend you use the “You CAN Change” audio program to help you first eliminate resistance to change and then make changes in your life to achieve your goals in life and whatever else you want to do. We recommend you always seek medical or psychological approval before listening. Also always seek medical or psychological assistance in the event you experience any difficulty of any nature as a result of listening to this audio program. Do not stop using any prescriptive medications for any condition without the express approval of your physician or psychiatrist.