The Truth Lies Within

The Truth Lies WithinThe Truth Lies Within
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If you have been seeking the truth, looking everywhere, reading everything and visiting every spiritual teacher you can find - this audio program may help you resolve some things for yourself.

This deeply relaxing meditation will help you quiet your mind and center yourself. It offers some iconic truisms for you to contemplate. They are not intended to tell you the truth, but to point you in the direction to remember the Universal truths that already exist within you. Just listen and relax without trying to do anything. As you stop seeking the truth outside of yourself and listen into the silence, a deeper knowing can emerge. It may feel like a small bell goes off inside your head when you recognize the truth.

What you do with that truth is up to you, but when you realize the truth is already within, you are well on your way to opening the deeper realms of yourself to remembrance. This can be your time to emerge from “the dream” and behold the truth of who you are - within.

You will likely find this experience satisfying . . . as you learn to remember who you are.


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