The Sleep Code

The Sleep Code

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This breakthrough audio program consists of two multi-layered recordings that progressively take you deeper and faster into a state of complete relaxation, enhanced concentration and focused attention – which will allow you to enter a deeper state of sleep and heal your body naturally.

The first recording will help you learn what different depths of relaxation are and how to achieve them on your own as you access your Super Conscious Mind which is then intended to scan, locate and eradicate pre-conditions to illness and disease before they require medical intervention. The second recording will help you go to those levels easier and you will get the same benefits quicker.

After listening to The Sleep Code audio, you will awaken feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed because you’ve slept deeply all night long!  A recent scientific study reported that the only time your brain cleanses itself is during sleep. Sleep helps lessen the potential for Alzheimer’s disease. While you may not initially notice overt changes in your mind or body, rest assured, your Super Conscious Mind is hard at work resolving anything that needs to be resolved from within – naturally – without negative side effects.

The key to healing is when you reach the deeper levels of relaxation, your Super Conscious Mind is called upon to help you scan your body and mind for pre-conditions to illness and disease. When it locates such conditions, we believe it will motivate your immune system to resolve them for you before they can become advanced enough to need outside intervention. The program also uses specific wording to improve your immune system and gives you positive reinforcement so you will feel better every day – in every way.

Your Super Conscious Mind will also scan your mind for all emotional triggers that could lead to stress and illness and relieve them, too. You don’t have to do anything to accomplish any of this - except listen . . . and relax.

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The Sleep Code
Will Help You Get to Sleep Easier as Well as Cleanse Your Mind and Restore Your Body While You Sleep

Includes The Sleep Code 1 and 2
Audio $49.95

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DISCLAIMER: While we firmly believe that the content in The Sleep Code audios will help you get to sleep and return to sleep if you wake up during the night, there is presently only anecdotal and testimonial evidence of its efficacy. There are no scientific studies completed on it yet.  While we also believe this program can ask your Super-Conscious mind to scan and resolve physical and emotional issues effortlessly, there is presently only anecdotal and testimonial evidence of its efficacy. There are no scientific studies on it yet either. We recommend you use The Sleep Code prophylactically, but always seek medical or psychological assistance in the event you do not get the relief you expected after using this product for a reasonable period of time.  Do not stop using any prescriptive medications without first obtaining the express approval of your physician or psychiatrist.