Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

7-Video Set $799.00

This Premier Live Session Set of the Simpson Protocol Workshop held at the HypnoThoughts Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, contains all of the most up-to-date methods being used in the Protocol today. During the 2-Day Workshop, Ines demonstrates shortened induction methods, setting triggers, the Simpson Protocol Question flow and testing and validating for Esdaile and other levels of hypnosis.

This Live recording also includes a full Simpson Protocol session that captures one of the most amazing classroom demonstrations Ines has led in recent years.This set also highlights Ted Robinson's unique approach in using Emotional Freedom Technique and vividly demonstrates how his approach to EFT prepares for easier inductions and increases the power of the Simpson Protocol.

The Q&A portions of the videos also bring to light how the Simpson Protocol is a hypnosis system designed to be ever more mobile and flexible, allowing hypnotists to tailor the Protocol to fit their own individual rhythm and style.

As the Protocol is being used by more and more practitioners in a variety of countries and diverse cultures, greater energy and purpose are being created and new methodologies are constantly evolving for the Protocol.

This never before released 7-Video Set with over 8-hours of instruction shows Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson demonstrating the ease, flexibility and simplicity of the system. This video set includes a bonus EFT session on allergies!

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Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

1 hour 33 minutes

The series starts with introductions: Ines Simpson, Ted Robinson and the Simpson Protocol. Ted Robinson then leads with an in-depth explanation and demonstration of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT uses acupressure and is based upon the meridian system, a series of pathways that carry life-force energy throughout the mind and body. When those pathways become blocked, it can result in negative thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, pain and aberrant behavior. EFT works effectively to easily eliminate resistance to change, fears of going into hypnosis and building trust by tapping certain meridian access points with the fingers while focusing on each negative issue or pain.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

1 hour 17 minutes

Dr. James Esdaile, a Scottish surgeon, discovered the ‘Esdaile State’ in the 1800s in India when chemical anesthesia was unavailable. Dr. Esdaile used this extremely deep state of hypnosis to perform serious surgical procedures, painlessly. While the client was ‘anesthetized’ against pain, they were unable to communicate or make any changes in their behavioral patterns. Ines Simpson developed an effective way of communicating with clients while in this extremely deep hypnotic state. This allows the hypnotist to converse with the client’s ‘Super Conscious Mind’ to learn how the true issues can be resolved for the client and to direct this part of the client’s mind and being to achieve the best results and outcome possible

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

1 hour 2 minutes

The Simpson Protocol is a fast, efficient and simple system that allows the practitioner great scope and flexibility is dealing with any issue a client brings. The other great advantage of using the Simpson Protocol is that the practitioner has no need to know the issue. This is a tremendous advantage with deep emotional issues that the client may not wish to discuss with the hypnotist – or even to acknowledge to themselves. In this video, Ines goes into an in-depth explanation of inductions, using triggers to quickly bring clients into hypnosis, testing and the flow of the questions for change. There is also a wonderful Simpson Protocol session with one of the students.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

55 minutes

The class asks in-depth questions about the demonstration and how the client would process changes using the Simpson Protocol including leading the Super Conscious Mind to work with the conscious mind, allowing the client time to process, soul retrieval, and much more.

Practical questions are also discussed including the pre-talk, intakes, budgeting time during a session, setting practitioner’s fees, the value of your expert work, and many other issues on how to run a practice.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

1 hour 4 minutes

Ines conducts a multiple series of inductions with 7 students at one time guiding them into somnambulism, then testing and confirming levels and setting triggers. The students then speak about their personal experiences while in hypnosis using the Simpson Protocol including their amazement at how fast it is to travel through the levels of the mind (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), the different feelings they experience while in each level, and how fluid and easy the whole process is. More questions from the students are answered including how to deal with their fears and hesitations as the hypnotist and also as the one being hypnotized.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

1 hour 47 minutes

This is a video of a complete Simpson Protocol session. This session is one of the most powerful sessions Ines has ever experienced in a class setting. You will notice that despite long waits for the client to go through the progression and travel back in time and space where her issues were born, this room of experienced hypnotists do not move or take their eyes off what’s happening in front of them. You can not only see the changes happening to the client, but you can also feel how she processes the changes within herself. It is amazing and instructive to see how Ines works with her.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop

37 minutes

Discussions about the full session and how Ines tailored the questions to the situations. Ines further talks about trusting your intuition and trusting yourself as you conduct a Simpson Protocol session. Another Esdaile demonstration including induction, testing and verifying for the client’s conscious mind. The students’ testimonials are also shown immediately following the end of class.

Simpson Protocol Live Workshop


Includes a bonus video of an EFT session on one of the students to help her deal with her allergies. This download also includes a pdf file containing a welcome letter and artwork.

Simpson Protocol Pre-TalkFOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, we are also including the Simpson Protocol Pre-Talk. This royalty-free video may be used by you multiple times and copied for your clients without incurring additional fees. However, the rights granted are non-exclusive, non-transferable and are personal to you.