The Simpson Protocol

Simpson Protocol


The Simpson Protocol represents a paradigm shift in the field of hypnosis. This Instructional Video and Manual System for hypnotists comes with 2 Instructional Videos, a Manual and a Demonstration Video of an actual Simpson Protocol hypnosis session. The Instructional Videos take you through the entire protocol step-by-step. Each section explains and, more importantly, shows you how to do the Simpson Protocol with an in-depth explanation of how each step works. The Protocol shows you exactly how to get the client into the Esdaile State and the tests to verify it. We then explain and show you how to set-up ideomotor responses so the client can communicate effectively with you while they are in the Esdaile State. We also provide you with the questions to be asked and how to get the Superconscious mind to release the issues affecting the client.

The Simpson Protocol The Instructional Videos also teach Emotional Freedom Technique, a meridian-based tapping technique that removes the blockages in the client’s meridians which can prevent them from making changes in their life. EFT is used in this system to assist the client in removing any resistance to change within them and condition the client to go deeply into the Esdaile State more effectively.

The Instruction Manual has everything that the hypnotist will need to utilize the Protocol effectively. Everything from the complete intake paperwork to the sample forms that you would need for appraisals, doctor referrals, and the client's bill of rights. It also has a full EFT on a page chart for easy reference, along with the complete hypnosis and Esdaile pre-talk that Ines Simpson uses, a reference guide for the hypnotist to use during sessions and much more.

As a bonus, we have also included a video of a Simpson Protocol session with Ines so you can see exactly how it's done! Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn the Simpson Protocol, it will change your practice for the better.

Simpson Protocol Pre-Talk

NEW BONUS! Purchase The Simpson Protocol Instructional Video and Manual System and get the Simpson Protocol Pre-Talk FREE!

This video is created specifically as the Pre-Talk for use with the Simpson Protocol. This Pre-Talk was devised and produced to include the prospective client in a conversation between two expert Hypnotists who discuss how the Simpson Protocol was created and how it works to dispel clients’ fears by informing and educating them fully about Hypnosis and the Protocol. It will also instill the right mental attitude for a successful hypnotic outcome. The video includes a demonstration of the Simpson Protocol including suggestions on how to successfully bring your client into the Esdaile State and beyond. The demonstration also shows the client the tests for different levels of hypnosis, how the hypnotist will communicate with them and how the Simpson Protocol hypnosis session works best.

This royalty-free video may be used by you multiple times and copied for your clients without incurring additional fees. You don’t have to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of this royalty-free video. However, the rights granted are non-exclusive, non-transferable and are personal to you.

Praises for The Simpson Protocol:

I can now express my emotions to myself! WOW – and because I can now do this, I was able to clear an issue with EFT. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- Jan M. (After her session, a video of which is included in The Simpson Protocol Instructional Manual on CD)
Ines is widely regarded as one of the top experts in the world. I came away impressed with her professional expertise, but also with her character. She never hesitates to say "I don't know" or "Not proven yet." And THAT level of humility and honesty is not always present in world-class experts.”
- H. Larry Elman
My name is Peter Field. I’m a hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and author of the book The Chi of Change. Because of a past traumatic experience, for many years I had the greatest difficulty in entering the trance state of hypnosis. All that changed when I worked with Ted Robinson and Ines Simpson. In an astonishingly short time, using Emotional Freedom Technique, the block from the trauma was eliminated by Ted, and I was guided into the deepest state of hypnosis by Ines – and even beyond, into the Esdaile state. I am now able to enter the deepest states of hypnosis at will, whenever I choose. The training offered by Ted and Ines offers a powerful, systematic protocol that brings a new dimension to the practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I urge any consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist who is interested in achieving better results for their clients to take their course.
- Peter Field, London, England

The Simpson Protocol
Working Interactively in the Esdaile State and Beyond

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Instructional Video 1 Sections

1. Introduction
2. Esdaile History
3. Simpson Protocol and EFT
4. EFT and Resistance to Change
5. Conditioning with EFT
6. Pre-Talk and Consultation
7. Ideomotor Responses
8. Training, Somnambulism and Regression
9. Simpson Protocol/Going into Esdaile
10. Testing for Esdaile
11. Ideomotor Questions for Change

Instructional Video 2 Sections

1. Advanced Questions
2. Advanced Questions - Versatility
3. Verifying Hypnotic Levels
4. Teaching Clients Self-Hypnosis
5. Verifying for the Conscious Mind
6. Subliminal Technique
7. Other Uses of EFT in the Protocol
8. Inductions
9. EFT Induction
10. Thank You