Self-Hypnosis Using The Simpson Protocol

Self-Hypnosis Using the Simpson Protocol

A Video Guide for Hypnotists
Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson

The Simpson Protocol is being hailed as a new paradigm in hypnosis. Using the protocol, the hypnotist can now communicate with the most powerful part of the client’s mind while it is in the deepest levels of hypnosis to directly facilitate the changes needed by the client.

This instructional video will give you the in-depth knowledge you need to teach your clients powerful self-hypnosis techniques using the Simpson Protocol. Teaching your clients this technique will also give you more productive sessions because they will be primed to go into a very deep state of hypnosis quickly by using their trigger words alone. This allows more time to work on the issues and create positive and lasting changes for them.

You can also personally benefit from practicing the self-hypnosis techniques in this video. Using this technique yourself will allow you to enter the deepest levels of hypnosis easier, giving you better results with your own self-hypnosis. By experiencing this yourself, you will in turn be more confident in teaching it to your clients.

The Simpson Protocol and its self-hypnosis techniques are in the leading edge of hypnosis today. By learning and applying this innovative and powerful method, you and your client will benefit and your practice will improve tremendously.

INCLUDES BONUS MATERIAL! We also include a round of EFT to remove resistance to change and reduce stress quickly and effectively. We also demonstrate how to use the Simpson Protocol self-hypnosis technique to teach your client an easy, effective way to deal with everyday stress, even in the waking state!

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