A Conversational Pre-Talk

A Conversational Pre-Talk

A Royalty-Free Video Pre-Talk to Give Your Clients
Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson

Most Pre-Talks are pretty dry and often hard to follow because they don’t include the listener into them. That’s why this was devised and produced - to include the prospective client in a conversation between two Hypnotists who discuss the hypnotic model of the mind and then explain how Hypnosis works within it.

Their conversation is infectious because it is comfortable and exciting and makes those watching feel like they’re part of the conversation. Even as questions arise in the viewer’s mind, the two answer them immediately.

This is a comprehensive approach that is so relaxed it will dispel clients’ fears by informing and educating them fully about Hypnosis. It will also instill the right mental attitude for a successful hypnotic outcome. This video is a great time saver and by the time your clients arrive for their session, they’re ready to be hypnotized with the right mental attitude of acceptance.

This royalty-free video may be used by you multiple times and copied for your clients without incurring additional fees.
You don’t have to pay any additional royalties for successive uses of this royalty-free video. However, the rights granted are non-exclusive, non-transferable and are personal to you.


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