Hypnosis and EFT - The Perfect Pair

Hypnosis and EFT, The Perfect Pair

Improve Your Hypnosis Practice with EFT

In this video you will first learn EFT, all its nuances and the ways to use it. You will then discover how you can use EFT within the scope of your hypnosis practice. You will even learn that EFT is Hypnosis in certain situations. When you integrate EFT into your hypnosis practice, you’ll discover ways to give your clients the best results available today and improve your practice dramatically. Ted Robinson has been both an NGH Certified Hypnotist and an EFT Practitioner/Teacher for 15 years. He offers insights into both modalities and how these powerful techniques, when combined, can help improve your practice. Ted is also a lawyer and an Interfaith Minister and brings his vast experience in diverse fields to each of his products.

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