A Peaceful Transition

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If you or a loved one is nearing the end of life and have not come to peace with it, this can be a helpful guide to a peaceful transition.  Many people worry and suffer as they confront the inevitability of the end of life.  Fear of the unknown is perhaps the worst part.  This program offers listeners peace throughout the process by reassuring them that they are more than their bodies.  They are immortal souls that live on forever.

This audio will help make it easier for listeners to reduce the stress and anxiety often experienced during the process. It also gives people hope and support when they realize that this life is not all there is . . . there is so much more to look forward to beyond this lifetime.

The music is quiet and remarkably honoring to the content of the message which brings loving support, understanding and quiet companionship throughout the process of transition to Spirit.  We all experience the final stage – Acceptance.  This transition is more of a beginning than an ending.

By listening, you can let go of anxiety and come to peace.  The audio reminds us that this is not the only lifetime nor is it the end for anyone.  We are not our body, limited and finite, rather we are an immortal soul and never ending.


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