The 6 Most Important Elements for Session Success

The 6 Most Important Elements for Session Success

A Video Guide for Hypnotists
Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson

Board Certified Hypnotists Ines Simpson and Ted Robinson have been practicing and teaching Hypnosis for 15 years. This video is the culmination of their efforts which highlights and fully explains the 6 necessary elements for successful hypnosis sessions.

By implementing the techniques offered in this video, your sessions will become far more powerful and effective and you will achieve consistent success with clients. This is the sum total of 30 years of experience on one DVD that you will be able to use to hone your practice to be the very best it can be so that every client is satisfied.

In this video they explain each element, how it works and offer you suggestions on how to implement them into your practice. Included are:
• The specific elements of a successful Pre-Talk (with an outline)
• A full explanation and demonstration of EFT to eliminate Resistance to Change in each client
• Testing to verify for Somnambulism
• Verification of hypnosis for the client
• Verify for the client’s conscious mind
• Different ways of emerging clients successfully

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