Hypnoscan Plus Super Height

HypnoScan Plus Super HeightHypnoScan Plus Super Height
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Hypno-Scan came to me in an unusually vivid dream. I saw it as an exciting new way for each of us to heal ourselves using the most powerful tool we have - our Super Conscious Mind! The Super Conscious Mind is the part of each of us that is limitless, all knowing and all powerful. It can transform the energy of thought and intent into the physical reality of optimal health.

In this audio program, I added Super Height to work with the Super Conscious Mind. Super Height is a way to access the higher realms to contact our individual Spirit Guide, the Masters, the Angels and anyone we revere or hold dear.  This audio program can guide you to connect with anyone you desire to speak with and you may change whoever you call forward each time you listen. This will give you more options than ever before to discover the truth within. We suggest you take advantage and call upon different beings as you will likely have a different experience with each one.

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height combines three distinct vocal tracks with multiple background tracks that intertwine and blend together to create a hypnotic and trancelike effect. This allows you to go deeply and directly into the Esdaile Level of hypnosis to call upon your Super Conscious Mind to heal your body and the emotional underpinnings of any pre-conditions to physical issues. Once that is completed, you are then led to Super Height, where you can meet with your Spirit Guide, the Masters, the Angles and anyone you revere or hold dear – and you can change who you meet with - each time you listen. In Super Height, you can complete any physical healing, work on emotional issues, or you may choose to connect with your Spirit Guide and realize you have always been safe and loved.

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height is not only a great guide for the Super Conscious to help you in healing, it is also a wonderful way to take a journey and meet beings who will support you in optimizing your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


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