Emotional Freedom Technique Into Presence

A Conversational Pre-Talk

Emotional Freedom Technique Into Presence
2-Video Set and Manual

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is on the cutting edge of physical and emotional healing and is accepted all over the world. This workshop is geared not just to teach you EFT, but also to incorporate EFT into your life.

EFT helps you deal with both physical and emotional issues like chronic pain, over-thinking, anger, worry, sorrow, and many other negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Once you eliminate physical issues and negative emotional issues using EFT, it will naturally help you discover Presence – the ultimate state of being. By eliminating all you are not, you can then be all you are - in Presence! Peace naturally occurs when you enter the Present Moment. By being in the world without thinking about the past, future or making judgments, your mind will be quiet and peaceful.

This workshop teaches both EFT and Presence and both are demonstrated fully. By learning EFT and using it consistently, you will return to an open and clear mind in Presence. You will find it is easier to watch your ego whenever it is taking you down the wrong path of judgment and keeping you locked into thoughts of the past or future. This video workshop will also teach you all the nuances and practical ways to be Present so you can enjoy each day of your life better than ever before. In other words - EFT and Presence go naturally together.

This video workshop also comes with a 65-page workbook that you can print out and use along with the videos.

Topics discussed in the videos include:


1. Introduction
2. Basis of EFT
3. The Meridian System
4. Why Do We Tap?
5. EFT Process
6. Set the SUDS
7. EFT Points
8. Resistance to Change
9. Reframe
10. History of EFT
11. Finger Points
12. Specific Issues
13. Limitations
14. EFT Doesn’t Always Work
15. Be Patient and Accept
16. Writing on the Wall
17. Borrowing Benefits
18. Definition of the Ego


1. Feeling Tired
2. Chasing the Pain
3. Tapping Others
4. Abreaction
5. Testing
6. Apex Effect
7. Plate Theory
8. Tail Enders
9. Aspects
10. Daisy Chain
11. Movie Technique
12. Psychic Information
13. Nine Gamut
14. Eye Ladder
15. Finger Points
16. When a Client Feels Worse
17. Core Issues
18. Personal Peace Procedure
19. Surrogate Tapping
20. Presence
21. Higher Knowing


Once you have completed watching this workshop, we recommend you go back and watch it again, focusing on those specific sections that you feel you need to know better or the ones you did not fully understand the first time through. We recommend you view them and tap along with all of the group taps until they become second nature to you and you find you are thinking of new wording that you believe is better than that on the video.

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