•    What is Hypnosis?
•    What is Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind and how does it work?
•    Should I listen to this if I am on heart medications and should refrain from eating green leafy vegetables?
•    What is the Sub-Conscious Mind?
•    How does Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind work?
•     What Types of Changes Can I Make Using Hypnosis?
•    How will I know if this program is working for me?
•    When is the best time to use the recordings, during the day or at night?
•    How long should I listen to this program so it will be effective?
•    Can everyone be hypnotized?
•    What if I'm too intelligent for the audio program to be able to “put me under?”
•    Is it possible for me to get into such a deep hypnotic trance that I can't wake up?
•    Will I remember everything that happens during my hypnosis session?
•    What if I fall asleep while listening?
•    Is it better to use headphones when listening to a Hypnosis audio program?
•    Will I feel any physical changes to my body as a result of listening to this program?
•    How long will it take to make changes in my body and mind?
•    Can I help make Weight Loss Through The Mind work better for me?
•    What is the placebo effect?
•    Do I need my doctor’s permission to use this program?
•    Are there any negative side effects to this program?
•    What should I do if I don’t feel well after listening to it?
•    Is there anyone who shouldn’t use this program?
•    Do you offer this program in other languages?
•    Do you stand behind your product?
•    Can I share Body Shaping and Weight Loss Through The Mind with my family and friends?
•    Do you make custom hypnosis audio program recording?
•    How do I download a recording from your web site to my computer, ipod, ipad, iphone or other device?


•    What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an altered state of mind in which a part of your mind (we call it the Guardian at the Gate) “steps aside” and allows an audio program or a hypnotist to work directly with your Subconscious mind or, in this case, the Super Conscious Mind, to facilitate positive changes within you. With audio programs, that usually means offering the subconscious mind direct positive suggestions to help you bring about positive changes in your life. All suggestions are to allow you to make changes in your life for the better.
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•    What is Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind and how does it work?
The Body Shaping Weight Loss Program is an audio program comprised of multi-layered voices, music and ocean sounds to help the listener enter self-hypnosis and relax to the point that they will first learn to eliminate their built-in Resistance to Change to changing their eating and exercise habits. The program then offers new positive direct suggestions on how to be more mindful about eating so the listener will notice whatever they place in their mouth before eating it – rather than mindlessly eating chips in front of the television. It also offers direct suggestions on what to eat and to exercise regularly so every listener can make the changes they want in their body. They will also more likely get a better night’s sleep because they were so deeply relaxed while they listened.

This exciting, yet relaxing unique audio program takes you to some of the deepest states of relaxation to first allow your mind to be accessible to the positive direct suggestions that will be used by the listener to change their body size, shape and weight.

The Body Shaping audio program came about after a close friend of Ted’s mentioned that she could not lose weight no matter what she tried or how hard she tried. She said she had first dieted and then put together intelligent food plans to follow, yet nothing worked over the long term.

Since we used Presence each week in our group meetings, Ted decided to use mindfulness as the basis of weight loss and body shaping in order to allow the individual to be responsible for their own body shaping. This was done so the listener would be personally responsible for the outcome of following the program. This results in self-empowerment for listeners.

Ted realized he could devise a hypnosis audio program that access the powerful subconscious mind of listeners and give them direction on how to become more mindful of what and how they eat and also give them direct suggestions about food choices and exercise – all at the same time.
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• Should I listen to this if I am on heart medications and should refrain from eating green leafy vegetables?
Yes, you should not listen to this audio program if you are taking certain heart medications that require you to stay away from green leafy vegetables or anything containing Vitamin K. Since there are specific suggestions to eat more green leafy vegetables within the script of this audio program, then you should refrain from listening to it. Make sure to speak to your cardiologist or other doctor and ask the specific question of them about whether you can eat green leafy vegetables or not and if not, then do not listen to this audio.
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•    What is the Sub-Conscious Mind?
The Sub-Conscious Mind is the level of mind just below your conscious mind. However, it represents the largest part of the mind and it has a perfect memory of your entire life – and beyond. It also holds and maintains all of your habits and programs and is the smartest part of your mind. It is where your inspiration comes from.

Ironically, your Sub-Conscious Mind is also innocent, like a three year old (on an emotional level) and will basically believe anything it is told – and will accept it as the truth and act upon that truth. That is why you have your conscious mind to protect the Sub-Conscious from being told things that are not true or good for it. The Conscious Mind stands in front of it to head of any untruthful or incorrect statements and filters everything that has input to the Sub-Conscious Mind.

In order for Hypnosis to work, the Hypnotist must set the Conscious Mind aside so s/he can speak directly to the Sub-Conscious Mind and reprogram it or give it new habits or beliefs. Once the Conscious Mind is put aside, then anything told to the Sub-Conscious Mind will be accepted and acted upon by the Sub-Conscious Mind and integrate the new information (as the new truth) into the listener’s life. This is why old habits and beliefs can be changed using self-hypnosis very effectively.
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•    How does Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind work?
This audio program first familiarizes you with Hypnosis in the introductory talk and then guides you to relax in order to access the subconscious level of mind so it can offer new positive suggestions to it. Those powerful suggestions are given to the listener at three different levels simultaneously in order to get the message through in the best fashion possible to the listener’s mind.

All in all, this is a very powerful weight loss program because it relies upon the deeper parts of your own mind to receive and act upon the positive suggestions given to it while it also leads the listener to become more mindful of their intake and more appreciative of it, so they are fully satisfied by eating less food. This concept is very self-empowering and beneficial because it spurs you to learn to appreciate your food more and enjoy it more – so you will naturally eat less of it. At the same time, powerful suggestions are given so you will learn to appreciate exercise and working out, to bring the tone back to all areas of your body. All of this also automatically improves your brain function naturally.
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•    What Types of Changes Can I Make Using Hypnosis?
You can change the way you think and react to others and how you feel about yourself. You can also lose weight, tone your body and form positive habits and programs that will help you improve your body and mind simultaneously. All of that will improve your physical health and emotional well-being and as a result, your immune system will tend to work more efficiently. Hypnosis can help you improve your confidence level, lose weight, or stop smoking as well as a lot of other things. Most importantly, you can improve your own mind’s ability to discover anything that is amiss within your body or mind before it gets too advanced and requires outside intervention. It can then boost and direct your immune system and have it take care of your body before the situation gets too advanced. This is some of what Hypno-Scan, The Sleep Code and Body Shaping can do for listeners.
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•    How will I know if this program is working for me?
First, you will usually find yourself leaving more food on your plate at each sitting than usual. In fact, this helps you build your self-confidence that you can leave food behind and don’t have to eat everything on your plate (as every mother has taught their child while growing up). You now will find you eat until you are full and no more, and you’ll begin to notice you are full much earlier, rather than waiting until you stuffed to the point of pain.

You may also notice that you begin to walk more and perhaps run at times to exercise. Then you may notice that you start doing other forms of exercise and enjoy them more than you ever expected.

Of course, each person is different and these things may vary due to age, personal injury history and other obligations in life, but they will all begin to form a new you that looks forward to exercising and moving your body more and eating less and more often than ever before. Most of all, you may find you begin to feel good. Period. And your body may begin to look better than it has in quite a while.
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•    When is the best time to use the audio program, during the day or at night?
It depends on when you want to take the time to listen. Many times people like to listen as they go to bed at night. They plug in their ear buds and turn on their player and drift off while listening. They often find they get a better night’s sleep by doing that, too. Others like to listen just before they go out to exercise. They feel more motivated to work harder, go further and last longer. Some people like to listen at the beginning of the day before they get out of bed, so they will be more prone to being more mindful of what they eat throughout the day. You may like to listen at one time or another or switch up and vary it to see which works best for you on weekdays versus weekends. Basically, you may choose to listen at whatever time works best for you.
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•    How long should I listen to this program so it will be effective?
It can be effective immediately, however, we believe the more you listen, the better it works. We find it best to listen to this audio program at least 21 days (or nights) in succession, and then listen whenever the spirit moves you or you feel you need a refresher.

There is no way to tell when the new suggestions it will be fully accepted by the deeper parts of your mind - on the first or the twenty-first time you listen (although it classically takes 21 days to change a habit). The best thing you can do is continue to listen whenever you’re having a hard time exercising or eating properly and it will usually take you into the peace level of hypnosis and support you afterward. The more you listen to it, the more effective the audio program becomes.
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•    Can everyone be hypnotized?
Yes! Everyone goes into and leaves hypnosis on a fairly regular basis. You are usually in that state whenever you are watching TV and are engrossed in a hobby, or are reading a good book, playing video games, and even sometimes while driving. It's like that half sleep state you are in when you are just waking up or just about to go to sleep. You are not fully conscious, but you’re not entirely sleeping either. You’re in a half state between the two and you're often up to 200 times more suggestible than when you are fully awake.

Some people may think, "I can't be hypnotized," and they could be right because hypnosis is a consent state of mind. That means they must want to and consent to being hypnotized in order to be hypnotized. However, most people can be easily hypnotized - if they want to and they trust the Hypnotist.

Many movies have misled the public about what hypnosis is and isn’t. First, there is nothing to worry about and nobody can control your mind. You are always in control since all hypnosis is self-induced. More than that, your conscious mind is never lost or gone. It just steps aside for a while, as you are guided into an altered state of mind which we call hypnosis. Your conscious mind may actually comment on things while you’re in hypnosis, but it will generally not interfere with your state or whatever is happening – unless something untoward occurs – then it will step right in and bring you out of hypnosis immediately. When you are in hypnosis, you can have a very effective session and still be aware of everything that is going on and be able to recall everything said during the session – or not – depending upon the suggestions give to you and accepted by you while in hypnosis.
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•    What if I'm too intelligent for the audio program to be able to “put me under?”
Actually, you are never “put under.” You simply relax and enter hypnosis (remember, it’s a natural state of mind that occurs daily). Interestingly, the more intelligent you are, the easier it often is for you to be hypnotized - when you want to be. Many times, more intelligent people are in a natural hypnotic state already and recognize that it feels relaxing and enjoyable, so they are eager to enter that state of mind again purposely.
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•    Is it possible for me to get into such a deep hypnotic trance that I can't wake up?
No, that cannot happen. First, you’re not “asleep” so there is nothing to “wake up” from. In fact, it has been discovered that nobody “gets stuck” in hypnosis, but they sometimes do choose to remain in trance longer than they are directed to do - because they’re enjoying it so much and don’t want to emerge yet. In reality, you can always be emerged from hypnosis. If you steadfastly choose to remain in hypnosis (even after being told to emerge), all that would happen is you’d naturally fall asleep and awaken in your own time.
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•    Will I remember everything that happens during my hypnosis session?
Yes. Most people remember everything that is said, but some people are natural "somnambulists," meaning they like to be in a hypnotic state and go into it easily that they go so deeply that they often don’t remember a thing that was said, unless the hypnotist tells them that they will. They often think they simply fell asleep and “missed it all.” In fact, it is a good thing when you just “drift away” and/or “disappear” into the words you’re listening to and relax fully. Most people will achieve a moderate to deep state of hypnosis in which they know what is being said while they are completely relaxed and focused on the words – until they drift deeply enough that they no longer pay any attention.
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•    What if I fall asleep while listening?
The audio program can be used exactly that way since it is designed to work as you fall asleep. Researchers have discovered that your hearing is always active and listening – even during sleep and surgery. Even as you close your eyes, your ears will still hear everything and your mind will remain in a heightened state of alertness as you listen intently while you are hypnotized. When you fall asleep, your mind is still hearing and a part of your mind is recording everything it hears and it is processing and internalizing it the whole time.
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•    Is it better to use headphones when listening to a Hypnosis audio program?
Yes, we recommend you use noise-cancelling headphones for best results, but it is not necessary in order to get good results, especially if you listen as you go to sleep. Ear buds work quite nicely and are about as effective.
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•    Will I feel any physical changes to my body as a result of listening to this program?
You may or you may not. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your body and how well you accept the suggestions and how well your Subconscious Mind follows those suggestions. You will likely find you’re more relaxed, less stressed or less anxious about life in general or about anything in particular. You may also find some of your physical body will start to change on its own as you follow the suggestions. Sometimes other benefits occur just because you’ve been listening consistently and being hypnotized, which is a very relaxing experience in and of itself.

There is no guarantee of anything happening. Any number of things may overtly change - or you may not notice anything changing at all. But that doesn’t mean that nothing has changed or shifted in your body and/or mind. Many times we just don’t notice small changes happening - until they become large enough for you to notice or you see or feel actual changes in your eating habits happening.

The primary thing you want to be watch for is a change in portions that you actually eat, versus how much you are served and whether you notice much change in your weight or the tone and/or shape of different parts of your body. They will be a good indication of whether Body Shaping and Weight Loss is working for you.
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•    How long will it take to make changes in my body and mind?
Again, it is as individual as each person. It is unknown how long it will take for you to be effective. Every listener is an individual and the audio program is oriented to a general audience, so it is up to you how well you surrender to the process and how well your Subconscious Mind accepts the suggestions given to it. Ultimately, it comes down to whether or when you start to lose weight and/or start to exercise more so you reshape your body.
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•    Can I help make Weight Loss Through The Mind work better for me?
It is best if you don’t try to help. Just listen to the program regularly and allow this audio and your Super Conscious Mind to do what needs to be done for you - without any assistance from you. In other words, surrender to the process and know the Body Shaping audio will work for you and it WILL work for you. Remember, if you are just going to “give it a try” or “see how good it works,” then it most likely WON’T work for you.

Part of the process of this program is attributed to the placebo effect, which holds that if you unequivocally believe something will work for you - it will work for you. So don’t just give it a try, give it a shot, or even try to make it work. Instead, allow yourself to surrender to the words and suggestions in the program and just go along with it by relaxing and listening. It will do the work for you and help your immune system help you retain or regain your optimal health again.
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•    What is the placebo effect?
The placebo effect is a well known phenomena that occurs when something (such as a substituted sugar pill) is given in place of an actual drug to relieve a symptom - and it works nonetheless – as if it was the drug - despite the fact that the capsule has no drugs in it. That means that when the patient/client believes strongly enough that the placebo is going to work for them, their body will respond as they expect it to respond (as if they had been given the drug they expected). Many scientific experiments over many years have verified that the mind is what determines how responsive you are to a so-called sugar pill/placebo. We believe that all healing occurs because the mind believes that what you’ve been given will work to heal the body or mind. That is especially so when you reprogram the subconscious mind and literally change the programs that run your daily life. That is what this audio program is intended to do for you.
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•    Do I need my doctor’s permission to use this program?
That depends upon you and your doctor and the laws of your state or Province. We always suggest that everyone clear it with their doctor ahead of listening to all of our audio programs.

If you feel it is best to consult with your doctor before buying and listening to the Body Shaping Program, then by all means, do so. If you feel you want to listen to the Body Shaping Program to augment any medical treatments for weight loss, then do so, but please ask your physician what they think as well. The process used in this program is primarily an number of voices that help you become very mentally relaxed in order to access your Subconscious Mind without interference. Once we access it, we given it positive suggestions for body shaping and weight loss as we’ve explained above. This audio program should help you naturally lose weight from your body. However, you should not use the Body Shaping and Weight Loss Program instead of medical treatments or prescriptive medications without consulting with your medical and psychological professional first.
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•    Are there any negative side effects to this program?
There are no known negative side effects to date. However, if you notice you are losing more weight than you wanted or expected, then you should consult with your physician and suspend listening to the audio program until you are assured you are losing weight for some other reason.

So far, we have no reason to believe anything of this nature will happen by simply listening, but the safest way to deal with any abrupt change in body or anything else that is unexpected is to check with your physician.
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•    What should I do if I don’t feel well while listening to it or afterward?
Stop listening immediately. Remember, you are always responsible for your own health and safety. If you do not feel well during or after listening to the Body Shaping and Weight Loss Program, immediately stop listening and contact your health care and/or psychological professional for further advice and treatment, if necessary. We have never had a complaint of any nature from listening, but one never knows what can happen if someone experiences abrupt changes of any nature after listening.
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•    Is there anyone who shouldn’t use this program?
Yes, those who suffer from schizophrenia, bi-polar, borderline personality disorders or other serious mental illness should not listen to this audio program without first obtaining a medical/psychological review of Body Shaping and get approval from your medical professional. Also, if you find yourself emotionally uncomfortable when you first start listening, you should stop listening to the program until you can confer with your psychological professional and get their clearance. If anyone has any negative reaction to listening to these audio programs, then they should stop listening to it immediately. If you feel you are mentally or emotionally unstable in any way, immediately see a medical and/or psychological professional.
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•    Do you offer this program in other languages?
Not yet, but we are working on expanding the list of languages we offer. Check back with us from time to time to check for new releases.
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•    Do you stand behind your product?
Of course. If you find that you are unhappy with Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind, for any reason within the first 90 days, contact us and return it for a full refund of the purchase price. You are only responsible for the cost of return shipping if you purchased it as a CD.
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•    Can I share Body Shaping and Weight Loss Through The Mind with my family and friends?
Yes, but we respectfully remind you that we sold your recording at a very reasonable price considering the vast amount of time that went into developing and producing it and we suggest that you buy them their very own copy from our web site rather than copying it. That way you respect the work and inspiration that went into this program and it gives us greater incentive to make more recordings for you on different topics.
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•    Do you make custom hypnosis audio program recording?
Yes. A custom hypnosis recording would be your most powerful choice because it is made specifically for you and your particular problem or issue.

The present cost is $2,500.00, payable in advance, since there is a lot of work involved in obtaining all the necessary information from you, putting together an appropriate script for you and then individually recording it for you. Remember, there will only be one such program ever sold - and that will be to you. If you have previously ordered a custom hypnosis audio program with us, a discount will apply in the amount of 20%.

Custom recordings have many advantages:
      1. It is specifically for you (your name, your personal information, your issues and challenges).
      2. You get to play them whenever you need them or want to listen to them.
      3. It takes a lot less time and is more convenient for you than traveling to our office.
      4. Your custom recording will be approximately one hour long.

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•    How do I download a recording from your web site to my computer, ipod, ipad, iphone or other device?
First purchase the product from our website by clicking the Add to Cart button found below the description of the product. A new window will open in your browser with your Payloadz shopping cart which will include the product that you are purchasing. You can add additional products by going back to our website. When you are ready to checkout, click the Proceed to Checkout button on the Payloadz shopping cart page and you will be billed via PayPal (paypal accounts and credit cards are accepted). You will then receive instant download instructions from our service provider via email. Download the products you purchased to your computer. Please remember to make a note of the folder to which you downloaded the file so you can find it later on your computer. Use iTunes to transfer your product to your iphone, ipad or ipod. For other devices, please follow your device’s specific instructions for transferring content.
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Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind
$59.95 Download or CD

To purchase a digital download only, click the Add to Cart button below. You will be billed via PayPal (PayPal accounts and credit cards accepted) and will receive instant download instructions from our service provider

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD BONUS - Purchase the digital download and receive a bonus audio file - Body Shaping audio without Introduction, for those who want to go straight into the program (to help you save time while listening). 

To purchase a CD, please order directly from our manufacturer, by clicking here.

DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that the content in the Body Shaping audio can help you become more mindful about what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.  At the same time, we believe the suggestions offered in the audio will help motivate you to exercise more often and consistently so you can attain the body size, shape and weight you want and improve your health simultaneously. However, the outcome of listening to this audio program will likely vary from person to person depending upon their existing health, when they listen to it, how often and consistently they listen to it and how often they apply the positive suggestions contained in it.  There is presently only anecdotal and testamentary evidence of its efficacy.  There are no scientific studies done on it, yet.  We recommend you use the Body Shaping audio program to help you change your body to whatever your goal size, shape and weight you want, but always seek medical or psychological approval before listening.  If you are on heart medications, please ask your physician about the suggestions to eat “green leafy vegetables” and get their approval to listen before listening.  Also, always seek medical or psychological assistance in the event you experience any difficulty as a direct or indirect result of listening to this audio program.  Do not stop using any prescriptive medications for anything without the express approval of your physician or psychiatrist.