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Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind
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Whatever your mind can conceive, your body can achieve! That is what this audio program is all about – programming your subconscious mind to lose weight through mindfulness and shape up those parts of you that you want to tone and sculpt. This is done without using your will power, which is short-lived. Instead, it relies upon a powerful part of your mind – the subconscious mind – to change your inner programming. Once that is done, you will find you look forward to eating all kinds of healthy food and enjoy it more than ever before.

You will also look forward to exercising because you will find you enjoy it and know that it will not only help you tone and sculpt your body, but it can lead to a longer, healthier life.

This all happens by listening to this multi-voiced audio program which will progressively take you to the “Peace” level, known as somnambulism, where your powerful Subconscious Mind can be accessed in order to reprogram it so you can become more mindful about eating and look forward to exercising.

Once you start to eat more mindfully, you will likely find you enjoy everything you eat more and consequently you will likely eat less and enjoy it more. The program will also help you to learn to eat the right things, like fruits and vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables), more often which will improve your natural metabolism and help your body utilize food better, meaning it will make your body take longer to digest your food, which naturally helps you avoid blood sugar spiking and allows your body make the most of the food you eat.

Additional suggestions are provided to help you enjoy exercising more consistently - because you enjoy it – not because you must exercise. This is the body shaping part of the program. By exercising, you will tone your muscles and reshape your body to the body you always wanted to achieve. After listening to the Body Shaping and Weight Loss audio program, you will emerge feeling refreshed, renewed and relaxed. We have found that when you listen as you go to sleep, you naturally go into a deeper and more restful sleep. Of course, when you’re regularly exercising, your body is usually tired enough to look forward to a sound night’s sleep at the end of the day.

The key to all this is when you reach the Subconscious Mind where all of your mental programs are housed, you can affect real change with direct suggestions. Once you get to that depth of relaxation, then those powerful positive suggestions become your new powerful programming which you will naturally follow. Only this time, you’ll be programmed to eat mindfully and exercise consistently – and enjoy the results with a reshaped and healthier body.

Remember, to achieve these changes, you don’t have to do anything - except relax . . . and listen.

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Body Shaping, Weight Loss Through the Mind
$59.95 Download or CD

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DISCLAIMER: We firmly believe that the content in the Body Shaping audio can help you become more mindful about what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat.  At the same time, we believe the suggestions offered in the audio will help motivate you to exercise more often and consistently so you can attain the body size, shape and weight you want and improve your health simultaneously. However, the outcome of listening to this audio program will likely vary from person to person depending upon their existing health, when they listen to it, how often and consistently they listen to it and how often they apply the positive suggestions contained in it.  There is presently only anecdotal and testamentary evidence of its efficacy.  There are no scientific studies done on it, yet.  We recommend you use the Body Shaping audio program to help you change your body to whatever your goal size, shape and weight you want, but always seek medical or psychological approval before listening.  If you are on heart medications, please ask your physician about the suggestions to eat “green leafy vegetables” and get their approval to listen before listening.  Also, always seek medical or psychological assistance in the event you experience any difficulty as a direct or indirect result of listening to this audio program.  Do not stop using any prescriptive medications for anything without the express approval of your physician or psychiatrist.