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From time to time, we find authors and artists who have a unique message to offer and we help them bring their message to the world.

Our Featured Products

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height

Hypno-Scan Plus Super Height combines three distinct vocal tracks with multiple background tracks that intertwine and blend together to create a hypnotic and trancelike effect.

The Sleep Code

The Sleep Code

This breakthrough audio program consists of two multi-layered recordings that progressively take you deeper and faster into a state of complete relaxation, enhanced concentration and focused attention – which will allow you to enter a deeper state of sleep and heal your body naturally.

Practical Presence

Body Shaping

This powerful audio program will help you help yourself lose weight, tighten up your muscles and get back into shape – naturally and effectively.
Positive suggestions can help you do what you need to achieve your goals - looking and feeling better than ever before!



This audio program takes you to the deepest levels of hypnosis to help you heal your body and mind at the quantum level. We ask the Super Conscious Mind to scan your body and mind and heal not just physical issues, but also the underlying emotional factors that contribute to those issues.

Be Strong - Be Confident

Be Strong Be Confident

Confidence is feeling like everything is going great and you can do anything you want. Confidence makes you feel stronger and more capable in every area of your life. When you are confident, you can focus on what’s around you – rather than just on yourself.

You CAN Change, Overcoming Resistance to Change

You CAN Change

Most of us have something we want to change and when we find that we can't, we wind up frustrated or angry. This is our own inner Resistance to Change restraining us.  This multi-layered audio will reduce or eliminate that resistance to help you effortlessly make the lasting changes you've always wanted in your life.